reverse shot summer 2004

Linklater Symposium

Richard Linklater Interview

-Before Sunset
   1. Old Haunts

   2. Mortal Beloved
   3. A Confused Love Letter, Grudgingly
   4. Things to Come

-School of Rock
-Waking Life
-Dazed and Confused
   1. That Old Feeling

   2. Rock and Roll All Night
-It's Impossible to Learn to Plow
   by Reading Books

-Live From Shiva's Dance Floor
-The Newton Boys
-Before Sunrise

Exclusive Features

Christopher Doyle Interview

Thom Andersen Interview
-Los Angeles Plays Itself

before sunset

New Releases

-Maria Full of Grace
  -Correspondence with Josh Marston
-The Terminal
-Super Size Me
-Coffee and Cigarettes
-Son Frere
-The Day After Tomorrow
-The Stepford Wives
-Spiderman 2

-Floating Weeds

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