Jim Jarmusch Symposium

 Broken Flowers
 feature with Interview

  -take 1 by Kristi Mitsuda
  -take 2 by Chris Wisniewski
  -take 3 by Jeff Reichert

Permanent Vacation
Stranger Than Paradise
Ghost Dog
Year of the Horse
Dead Man (take 1)
Dead Man (take 2)
Dead Man/Ghost Dog
Mystery Train
Night on Earth
Down By Law
Coffee and Cigarettes

Spotlight on JUNEBUG
Phil Morrison (director of Junebug)
Junebug review by Kristi Mitsuda

Shot/Reverse Shot:
Horror Smackdown
The Devil's Rejects

Nick Pinkerton vs. Brad Westcott

New Releases
  -War of the Worlds (take 1)
  -War of the Worlds (take 2)
  -Land of the Dead
  -Batman Begins
  -Shake Hands with the Devil
  -Forty Shades of Blue
  -Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus
  -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  -Dark Water   
  -The Beat That My Heart Skipped

  -The Bad News Bears
  -Grizzly Man

DVDs - updated monthly
Introduction: Home Video Paradiso
  -Signs of Life/Land of Silence & Darkness
  -The Railroad Man
  -Made in Sheffield
  -Story of a Love Affair
  -Street Trash
  -Films from a Dark Room
  -Unfaithfully Yours

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