This version of the website was launched in May of 2006. All new content will be classified and archived here. Reverse Shot began in January 2003.

Issue 33
The Life of Film

Issue 32
Take Four: Color Correct

Issue 31
Steven Spielberg: Nostalgia and the Light

Issue 30
Simply the Worst

Issue 29
Stuck in the Middle

Issue 28
Reverse Shot's American All-Stars

Issue 27
Take Three: Reverse Shot Sounds Off

Issue 26
The Best of the Decade

Issue 25
Claire Denis: The Art of Seduction

Issue 24
RS Proposition 24: Defining a New Queer Cinema

Issue 23
Hou Hsiao-hsien: In Search of Lost Time

Issue 22
The New World: Reverse Shot Goes Digital

Issue 21
Gus Van Sant: Vague Recollections

Issue 20
Take Two: In the Cut

Issue 19
Reverse Shot: On Demand

Fall 2006 / Issue 18
Junk Art: De Palma

Late Summer 2006 / Issue 17
Reverse Shot: Take One

Spring 2006 / Issue 16
Reverse Shock


Previous content is available on the Reverse Shot legacy site, including the issues below. We will eventually move all of our old issues over to the new format